Easy Dispensing

Attach these waste bag dispensers to your dog's leash for easy access so you never leave the house again without them. Our dispensers make it easy for replacing waste bags. Simply twist off the cap and slide in a new roll of waste bags and then re-attach the cap. The round opening in the middle allows quick access to waste bags when they are needed.

High-Quality Bags

Each bag measures 3” x 1.75” made of durable sturdy plastic allowing for an easy leak-proof clean-up. Our waste bags make it easy to handle your dog's waste in a sanitary way without worrying about needing to wash your hands while enjoying your walk with your dog. Easily tie the top and dispose of it without any mess.

Special 3 Pack Offer

This 3 pack comes with 3 green dog bone-shaped waste bag dispensers. Each dispenser comes with a roll of 15 dog waste bags, giving you a total of 45 waste bags at a great price. Homes with multiple dogs can make the most of our bone bag sets.
Waste Bag Dispenser 3pc Set with Leash Clip

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