• QUICK AND EASY. The rubber bristles help spread the product faster around your dog while shortening the time it takes to wash them. Some dogs hate bath time so the faster you can get it done, the less mess you will have.
  • DEEPER CLEANING - Dog bath brushes help not only speed up the time it takes to wash your dog but also helps with scrubbing away more dirt, dandruff, dead skin, and loose hair than you can with just your hand. When it comes to your dog bathing supplies, these are a must-have.
  • SOOTHING MASSAGE - When it comes to grooming your dog you want to make them as relaxed as possible. Our dog grooming brush has soft cleansing bristles that will also massage your dog as you bathe them. This helps relax dogs that might otherwise hate bath time. Give it a try and see how the Lillian Ruff Bath Brush helps change bath time.
  • ADJUSTABLE STRAP - We know everyone has different-sized hands. That is why our rubber dog brush is very flexible and has an adjustable strap for a comfortable fit. This makes it easy to glide your hand around your dog for even coverage without having to worry about the brush falling off your hand.
Dog Shampoo Brush 2 Pack

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