Your dog’s ear health is a vital part of their healthcare routine. Keeping their ears clean will help to minimize the chance of infection, ear mites, allergens, and significant wax build-up. Lillian Ruff Ear Cleaner & Otic Wax Solvent will help to loosen and remove ear wax, dirt, and debris. This will help reduce ear odor and soothe any itchy, uncomfortable ears.

Ear wash is not intended to treat any type of infections not limited to bacterial, viral, and yeast. Lillian Ruff Ear Cleaner & Otic Wax Solvent is to be used for routine ear washing for wax and dirt buildup. The ear cleaner should not cause any discomfort to your pet. If your pet has significant discomfort from using the wash, it is a sign of a larger problem for which you should bring your dog to a vet.

Your dog is not just your pet, but they are apart of your family and you want the absolute best for them. That’s why we at Lillian Ruff provide you with the safest and highest quality products for your dog. Made right here in the USA. No animal testing and 100% Cruelty-free.
Ear Cleaner and Otic Wax Solvent (8oz)

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