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One of the most overlooked aspects of a dog’s health is its ears. Dogs have a keen sense of hearing primarily due to the fact that they have such a deep ear canal. This makes them more prone to ear-related problems than other animals. By utilizing a high-quality professional dog ear cleaning solution like Lillian Ruff, you can keep your dog’s ears clean.

Lillian Ruff ear cleaner contains a coconut-derived cleaning agent, tea tree oil, and bee propolis to cleanse your pet’s ears gently. Aloe and lavender essential oils have been added for their natural calming properties for itchy, irritated skin. This helps with scratching and head shaking.

It is recommended to clean your dog’s ears at least once a week as part of their health care routine. Cleaning their ears also helps minimize the accumulation of buildup within their narrow ear canal. Bring your dog some relief with Lillian Ruff ear cleaner.

(1x) Dog spray ear cleaner & Otic wax solvent 0.33 Oz

Ear Cleaner - Travel

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